Is it possible to build and deliver solutions with just a browser?

Do you believe that complete business solutions can be built and hosted on any domino platform, using a browser, in just a few minutes?

Introducing ClevaDesk – a new, fully self-contained collaborative environment, based on Java – built and delivered using any desktop, mobile or tablet browser.

We will build a complete app using drag-and-drop in just 10 mins. Next we will show the app being hosted within the ClevaDesk system on the workspace. We will show how the apps can interact and share data between applications.

Now, you can check your tasks, manage your team, view events, edit documents, and collaborate fully with your colleagues – from a single window in the ClevaDesk workspace!

ClevaDesk supports business processes of any organization, we will show you how easily you can build apps, without extensive knowledge of programming. ClevaDesk runs on standard Domino/XWorks servers (and other databases) while operating as either an on-premise solution or cloud based service. With ClevaDesk you can build effective IT enterprise management solutions faster than ever before.