The Contacts application created to help in effective relationship in organization with its potential customers and partners.

Данное приложение является элементом CRM (системы управления взаимоотношениями с клиентами) которая позволяет упорядочить всю информацию и историю взаимодействия с клиентами, а также оптимизировать стратегию маркетинга и обслуживания.

The main features of the Contacts application:

  • structured lists of organization’s customers and partners;
  • structured lists of people, employees of partner companies and customers;
  • different types of views by type: specialization, areas, etc.;
  • business cards for parties and employees with contact information, directions of activity, and other administrative information;
  • fast search for the information you need;
  • show all counterparties for each employee of the company;
  • organizational structure control and setting of all contacts;
  • flexible control over access.
ClevaDesk contacts application
ClevaDesk contacts application