Staff management

Application for company personnel management. It is responsible for staffing positions, vacancies, salaries, personal profiles, work experience in a particular industry and other details.

The main features of the «Staff» application:

  • maintenance staffing table;
  • monitoring of available vacancies;
  • monitoring staff positions in the departments of the organization;
  • registration replacements (add/delete);
  • employee time tracking;
  • registration occupations in the enterprise;
  • control of personal cards of employees;
  • building reports.

The results of using the “Staff” application:

  • improving the efficiency of the personnel management, labour and wages by increasing the level of coordination;
  • file attachments, text or graphic in personal case can store any additional information about the employee;
  • instant access to information sorted according to key parameters enables personnel inspectors to analyze only important data;
  • confidentiality and security of documents and data from personnel files at a high level.