The application is designed to ensure the process of creating and monitor implementation of resolutions of the organization. Features of this application are used in other applications.

The main features of the Executive discipline application:

  • setting tasks and assigning the responsibility to the employee;
  • related resolutions;
  • control of the executive discipline;
  • delegation ability;
  • send notifications to the participants in the process;
  • working process analysis.

Available to use pre-existing templates resolutions cards, allows managers and users to unify the work with the same type tasks and assignments.

The status of implementation of the resolution is under control. The system notifies beforehand the responsible executor and controller about approaching deadlines. Also, in case of failure of key dates, controller will be notified.

The results of using the «Executive discipline» application:

For managers:

  • decisions are implemented efficiently and promptly;
  • increases the level of executive discipline;
  • transparent and efficient management of the organization.

For employees:

  • reminder of the current tasks;
  • automated control of terms.

ClevaDesk increases performance discipline in the in collective and management of the organization as a whole.