This application allows to keep account of different types of contracts (sale, rent, services, etc.),effectively plan and control all the agreements of the organization.

The main features of the «Contracts & Agreements» application:

  • inventory of all existing agreements in the organization;
  • own electronic log of all agreements or contracts;
  • distributed work with documents from anywhere you have Internet access ;
  • access control to documents of various types;
  • auto-complete of the standard document based on templates;
  • ramified ties with other electronic documents, and other applications in XPD
  • duplication control;
  • automatic assignment of responsible and executor under the contract;
  • coordination of agreements can be serial, parallel and combined;
  • contract stages fixation;
  • create events and notifications of date;
  • automatic registration of contracts and projects, different levels of complexity registration numbers;
  • customizable rules of storage;
  • quick search;
  • instant sorting of information in necessary sections;
  • monitor and control the performance under the contract.

The results of using the «Contracts & Agreements» application:

  • single information space for collaboration;
  • easy searching and convenient sorting into the required sections;
  • receive a full report of the contract of the organization;
  • access to the history of the creation and editing;
  • simplify routine work with similar agreements;
  • employees productivity increase which are involved in the processes of creating and storage of the agreements;
  • fast coordination of agreements without reference to the geographical location of the reviewers;
  • effective management of the organization’s commitment: planning and control of performance
ClevaDesk agreements application
ClevaDesk agreements application