Internal documents

Establishment and registration of the internal regulatory and administrative documentation in the organization.

The main features of the «Internal documents» application:

  • own register log of internal documents in the organization;
  • you can work with information from anywhere you have Internet access;
  • access to information control;
  • existing templates for input documents into the system;
  • auto-complete e-card document;
  • document duplication control;
  • registration of all types of documents with automatic assignment of registration number of different complexity (bar coding, QR-coding);
  • resolutions control;
  • connections between electronic documents, resolutions;
  • links between electronic documents and resolutions;
  • history and analysis of document;
  • setting the documents for inspection;
  • monitoring key dates;
  • flexible sorting documents in the required section;
  • organization archiving of documents with different levels of access;
  • large document archive management;
  • integration with e-mail services.

The results of using the «Internal documents» application:

  • own space to work with documents;
  • acceleration of administrative document organization;
  • transparent management;
  • coordinated collective work;
  • no lost documents;
  • information is available from any location;
  • employees can work only with those documents to which access is regulated by the job descriptions;
  • simplify routine processes;
  • fast search and quick access to the history of creation and other information of the document;
  • instant mailing of documents to inspect, review, implementation and quick feedback;
  • automatic documents execution control;
  • simple management of large data files.
ClevaDesk documents application
ClevaDesk documents application