Modules and mechanisms

It allows you to release documents from one user to another. For example: an employee leaves and the documents, tasks, approval processes etc need to be passed to another employee.

The tool allows:

  • Transfer all the documents from one user to another user.
  • Transfer documents of various types to different users.
  • Release the role in a particular type of document to another user.

The mechanism can be quickly connected to any type of document and receive detailed information about history of reading and changes ot the document.

In the setting of the mechanism you can set the number of fields you want to track:

  • All fields in the document.
  • Only fields with a caption.
  • Selective list of fields to login.

Available information in the history of changes of the fields:

  • Who made the changes and when.
  • Which field has been changed.
  • The old and the new value of the modified field.
  • All information is grouped by sessions and easily searchable.

This mechanism allows you to see users who are able to read or edit the document. If someone saves a document, all users who have the document open, immediately receive a notification and updated version of the document.

You can prevent simultaneous editing of the document just turn on or turn off the setting.


This mechanism allows you to give an individual barcode to any document in the system. The barcode can be assigned automatically during registration of the document, or manually.

When the document has a bar code it can be quickly found using the barcode scanner. If you scan a barcode on a paper document, the document will be opened immediately in the system interface.

This mechanism was created so users can comment and approve documents and tasks.

Capabilities of the mechanism:

  • Define a task and assign responsible employees.
  • Executive overview
  • Delegating tasks.
  • Periodic decisions.
  • Creating subtasks.
  • Notifications to the participants of the process.
  • Amending deadlines.
  • Analysis of workflow.

The “Requests and decisions” mechanism can be flexibly set for each system application. For example: you can calculate with formula who is the controller on the decision; who signed it, adjust the conditions of hiding the fields when setting assignments, etc.

The mechanism is created to add background rules for synchronising fields between documents. For example, if a field value changes in one document, this rule changes field values in related documents.

To do this:

  1. Create a rule for monitoring a particular type of document.
  2. Configure rules for detection of dependent documents.
  3. Customize actions that need to be performed in case of changes.

This mechanism allows you to track the physical location of the original paper document.

You can find the following information about the document:

  • The exact location where the paper document is stored.
  • When and to whom the paper document was passed.
  • The reason why a paper documents was chosen
  • When the document was, or when it is due to be returned.

You can view the history of movement of the paper document at any time.


It allows you to automatically manage the access rights to any documents in the system.

Flexible rules allow both access to new documents,  and automatically update the access for users during the document workflow

To whom can document access be granted?

  • User.
  • Positions.
  • Group.
  • Organizational units.
  • Privilege.
  • Policy.

What are the access level to documents?

  • Allowed to read and edit.
  • Allowed to read, editing is allowed only to the author of the document.
  • Allowed to read, edit prohibited.
  • Access is denied.

After completion the work with the document, it can be attributed to the case.

Only registered documents which are taken from control and with all tasks completed  can be attributed to the case.

Write-off of in the case of a document can be automatically after the registration of the final response to the document, or manually, by pressing the button – “Write-off in case.”

Registration – it is the process of assigning a unique number to the document and a set of details according accepted standards.

Registration mechanism allows:

  • Set individual rules for assigning registration numbers for each document.
  • Configure the format of the registration number.
  • Allow/disallow users to register certain types of documents.
  • Configure user access to the numerator.
  • Define document distribution streams, such as inbox, outbox, internal.
  • Manage of the period when numbers will be reset (for example, annual cycle)
  • Automatically assign a barcode to the document during the registration.
  • Reserved numbers.
  • Notify person(s) responsible about the need to register the document

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