Corporate e-mail

Even a large company, with a growing number of employees sometimes uses free resources for exchanging of e-mails. This can lead to the loss of important information and complexity of the search, problems with tracking correspondence and the possibility of complete loss of data. Also, privacy and image of the customer must also be considered.

The functionality of corporate mail on ClevaDesk technologies helps you to determine the level of importance of the information in the mail database. You will be able to collaborate more effectively and better manage daily information and resources, as well as be sure of a high level of security.

The corporate e-mail solution not only offers the transmission of documents and information between staff inside the organization, but also provides a gateway to external e-mail systems, you can now combine all of your e-mail services in a single working window.


  • personal and group mail and documents exchange;
  • full-text search in the mail database;
  • hypertext links to other letters and documents from other databases;
  • use of any objects in the message body, it can be text files, pictures;
  • automatic processing of sent and received correspondence;
  • lockbox technology using IBM DAOS;
  • automatic archiving in accordance with set rules.
ClevaDesk mail application