What is ClevaDesk in short!

1. ClevaDesk it`s a flexible IT-system with a set of business applications.
2. A Designer to build IT-systems without programming.
3. And a platform for legal migration of IBM Lotus Notes applications to the web browser.

Web-designer to build IT-systems without programming allows you to create software solutions of varying complexity directly from the web browser window. Development takes hours instead of days and weeks.

ClevaDesk system expands IBM® Notes/Domino® capabilities and gives it new life. There is no need to think about migrating to other technologies

Using different Databases:
IBM Domino (NSF), MongoDB, H2, MySQL, MariaDB, and so on.

And more:

  • Advanced security level.
  • Deep validation settings
  • Dynamic styling of forms and workspaces.
  • Advanced search by any criteria.
  • The history of reading and editing the document.
  • Smart data import and export.
  • ETL processes and integration with Jasper Report Server.
  • Printing forms based on the Microsoft WORD and EXCEL templates.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs.
  • Message Templates Designer.
  • Monitoring the load of the system.
  • Multi-language localization.

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