We are a big organization, will ClevaDesk work for us?

Yes of course. ClevaDesk based on modern industrial IBM technologies. Thanks to multi-level access control, flexibility and load balancing, ClevaDesk suit to businesses of any size and geographically distributed.

What service do you provide?

We provide a full services for the design, development, implementation and technical support of solutions developed on ClevaDesk platform.

In what areas can Clevadesk be used?

ClevaDesk automates processes for organizations of any size and spheres of business, to build a full content management system. Using ClevaDesk you can process and store any type of information and automate various processes and provide order and protection of your data.

What programming languages do you use to develop ClevaDesk?

The server part of ClevaDesk is entirely developed on Java. On the client side we use JavaScript, CSS, and a number of support libraries such as Dojo, Momentjs, Google charts and others.

Can I make changes to built in ClevaDesk applications?

Yes, you can change all applications in ClevaDesk. The source code of all the applications is open and you can customize the appearance and logic as you wish.

Which web server is required for ClevaDesk?

ClevaDesk can run on base of IBM Domino 9.x Servers or IBM XWork Server.

IBM Domino/XWork Server – is the highest reliability and unrivaled security tested by time.

What web browser do I need to work with ClevaDesk?

ClevaDesk supports all popular browsers, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and other browsers which are built on Chromium and WebKit. ClevaDesk also works on Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer version 8 and above.