Charts and diagrams

Every day the amount of information that needs to be analyzed grows. The best tool for the rapid analysis of the data is the charts.

We took care of creating charts quickly and easy. With ClevaDesk you can build different types of charts on any of your data and with help of different settings control the appearance and behavior of each diagram.

See how simple it is, less than 1 minute and it is already possible to use it.

Documents templates application

Every week employees of your company needs to prepare tens or hundreds of typical documents. This routine work takes valuable time that can be used more efficiently. ClevaDesk help you to save time and money, make the process of document preparation simple and devoid of any errors.

In “Documents templates” application you can prepare your own pattern document of any complexity and in a couple of clicks only to get the finished document with needed information in the required format (PDF, DOC, XLS) and be able to print it or by send it by e-mail. All fields of the document may be fill in with data from different sources, and the document  automatically attached as a printed version in the database.

Look how easy it is in this short video.



Building of web interface for IBM Notes/Domino applications (VIDEO)


Today, on our Youtube channel we publish a short but very interesting video – “Building of web interface for IBM Notes/Domino applications”

For example, we will build web interface for “names.nsf” with fake (not real) users. We have database “fakenames.nsf” with more than 40,000 documents. In this video you will see how we can create an application and connect it to existing NSF database and then create a web view and form for the documents.

Watch the video now:

You see, everything is quite simple and it is only a small part of ClevaDesk possibilities!

Contact us and we`ll show you much more!